• Slayer Propel 13

    Slayer Propel 13

    This model has the same open deck layout and fast stable hull as our popular Slayer series plus an extra-large rudder for quick maneuverability. Our unique Propel system is the only pedal drive system that can be pedaled in reverse, an essential capability when stalking and battling the catch of the day.

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  • Come out for the first annual Battle On The Border Fall open! This is a Two Day event, Saturday Oct. 31 will be held on Lake Norman and Day 2 will be Nov. 1 On Lake Wylie. This is a team event. 100% Payback! The First 40 to register will get a 10$ gift card to Hunt Fish Paddle

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  • A new 100% fluorocarbon line featuring our patented P-ion Technology. P-ion processing improves slickness, abrasion resistance and longevity of your line by chemically altering the line's surface to allow resin processing to bond at a molecular level. This processing increases line performance and allows the line to retain key characteristics longer!

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  • The Medium Fish Bag is lined with a thermally reflective and tear resistant fabric made to withstand damage from fish fins. Keep your equipment or your catch safe and secure in this triangular cooler and gear bag. D-rings allow the bag to be securely fastened to the deck or interior of the boat and the bungees allow additional lightweight gear to be...

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  • The triangular Fish Bag is lined with a thermally reflective and tear resistant fabric made to withstand damage from fish fins. While it is the perfect size for the Ultimate™ 14.5 Solo bow, it can be used with any boat and even has nylon D-rings along the bottom that allow it to be lashed to the deck of a sit-inside kayak.

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  • With the most realisitic finish ever put on a large swimbait, the Imakatsu Nonkee Bassroid has revolutionized what large swimbais should look like! Coming in at 17cm and 3oz, the bassroid is a must have for all you large swimbait enthusiasts!

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  • Designed to the specifications of the Bassmaster Classic champ KVD, this magnum sized squarebill is perfect for shallow water power fishing! With its wide wandering action and eratic movement, combined with its ability to dive up to 7 feet deep, it will be sure to make it into your box of favorites!

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  • The Versaboard Wedge Seat is a great seating option for your new Versaboard! Hand made here in Fletcher NC, quality and comfort are its two main features!

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  • The Versa Board is as the name suggests, Versatile! Fish, Play or Exercise, the features and options for the Versaboard are endless! With its retractable Skeg, self bailing rotomolded hull, track option for fishfinders and rod holders and the potential for several seating options, the Versaboard is sure to be your next favorite paddlecraft!

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  • Based on a hand-carved original by Yuki Ito, the PopMax ups the ante of the well-respected PopX with a larger body, and redesigned gill-system. In addition to the PopX’s gill openings that allow for water to pass through, creating life-like bubbles and chugging-action, the PopMax features a unique gill system that consists of six water-intakes and a water...

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  • ZOOM Bait Co. Has long ben the standard in soft plastics and possibly the most popular model in the line up is the Trick Worm! Texas Rigged, Shakey Head rigged, Carolina Rigged, Dropshot Rigged and Rigged weightless are just a few of the very productive techniques this versatile bait can be fished! Hunt Fish Paddle is your one stop shop for core and hard...

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  • With its explosive action and disturbances that it creates, the D-Pop 70 will entice fish from a distance. The commotion the pop and spray it makes, the D-pop's echoes can be heard off of cliff faces. With its unbeatable finish and feathered tail hook, it's a must for the tackle box.

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  • Strike Kings Sexy Spoon series offers a range of colors in both 4" and 5.5" models. One of the hottests flutter spoons on the market! Whether you're fishing offshore humps, ledges, structure or pulling it through schools of bait for schooling fish, the Strike King Sexy Spoon is sure to be a staple in your arsenal!

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  • Just like it's name suggests, the Brute was made to bump, grind, and rip through structure, beating it's squarebill through cover. The Brute is a fast floating, square billed crankabit that will easily back out of snags. A Weight Slip System allows this large profiled crankbait to be casted with ease even in the strongest of winds.

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  • While it does have a rougher finish than other clear coat, glossy hard-swimbaits on the market, this simply adds to the Bull Shad's natural appeal. Its life-like action and profile are mouth-watering to big hungry bass. It also has the ability to standup nose down on the bottom in a captivating feeding pose, allowing it be effectively jigged as well.

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  • As we see it, fishing is just hunting on the water. These shoes are built for boaters who want athletic fit, breathability and performance without sacrificing classic nautical features like a non marking, razor siped sole for superior slip resistance.

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  • The revolutionary “Scooptail” on a Hartcraft broadhead accomplishes several things from accuracy-in-flight perspective as well as a penetration/performance perspective. Air Splitting Accuracy and Bloodspitting cut diameter, the 1 1/2" cut is sure to leave a blood HIGHWAY! The Universal ferrule allows you to change from the Wide Cut to...

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  • The legacy continues with the new Shimano Curado 200 I Casting Reel. Tougher and more powerful than ever before, Shimano placed a major emphasis on durability with this next generation reel.  Featuring the latest in Shimano reel technology, it also boasts improved casting performance, a whole new level of versatility, and smoother functioning.  

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  • The 2nd installment of Kayaks N' Greenbacks is coming! Are you ready? 100% payback 100% Fun!

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  • A great aftermarket rudder for the Native Slayer Propel 13. At almost twice the size of the factory rudder, you can see and feel a great improvement on turning radius and tracking

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  • The Blades of Glory features a newly designed head, body and cap that allows fisherman to quickly change or replace the arms. A portion of this rig includes 4 nickel plated blades designed to attract the attention of more fish. This bait is unbeatable when the fish are schooling, on a deep ledge or hump, and during the fall/winter months when they are...

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  • The Z-Crank X's injection-molded update of the classic wooden crank, the Z-Crank X is designed for thick, wood cover and underwater structure. The Z-Crank X's reinforced fiberglass coffin-bill lip allows the lure to deflect off wood without snagging, creating the ultimate heavy-cover crank-bait.

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  • The popularity of the "modified" DEPS Silent Killer has sparked an offspring unlike any other jointed swimbait! Introducing the DEPS Slide Swimmer 175! 175mm of fishing catching awesomeness! ITs hard plastic core with soft "skin" like rubber shell give the Slide Swimmer a life like look and action!

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    Incredibly refined and lightweight, the Daiwa Tatula 100 Type-R Casting Reel offers sleek styling and tournament-caliber performance. Daiwa’s new hybrid TWS T-Wing Casting System delivers the unequaled long casting capabilities and accuracy of the original T-Wing System, as well as, a more natural, free fall for your lures.

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  • With the Astral Ronny Fisher Life Jacket Astral turns its renowned life jacket design expertise to fishing. All the bells and whistles the fisherman needs, plus a thin back that accommodates any kind of kayak or raft seat.

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  • Alot of arrow for a little price! The Easton Carbon Aftermath pre-fletched with Blazer vanes are sure to put more meat on the table for less! ST-RPS inserts included, H Nock compatible. All arrows can be cut and inserted free of charge! Please include length in order comments!

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  • Designed to secure Spinning or Casting rods in light to medium duty. Multiple Points of articulation for maximum positionability

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